Battlefield 4 ESP

Worlds Most Advanced Battlefield 4 ESP

It is finally here, and it is only available from BF4 Hax. The world's most advanced Battlefield 4 ESP is available and ready for you to download.

They say knowledge is power, which makes our Battlefield 4 ESP one of the most powerful weapons you are ever going to use online.

Inject our BF4 cheats into your system and it will enable you to become the ultimate fighting force every time you enter this incredible adventure.

Our super advanced Battlefield 4 ESP will display all the intricate detail you could possibly want to track, identify and locate your enemies so that you need never lose another game again.

Our BF4 ESP is so intelligent that it can provide data on all elements of this incredible game right in front of your eyes.

From player box identification and player names, target skeleton, class and distance through to explosives, supply crates, player health, and more. With more than 9 different ESP features, every detail is right there on the screen, giving you added advantage over every adversary.

When it comes to the fight, you need to use everything in your power to achieve success. And with our Battlefield 4 ESP you will have the tools to ensure you reign supreme.

Player box ESP

Know exactly what you're up against with our player box ESP. It shows exactly who is online and what their capacity is. You will know what platforms your opponents and team members are running and give you the greatest opportunity for success.

Skeleton ESP

Whether you want to identify a specific area of an opponent or just see the skeletons for accurate targeting, the outstanding skeleton ESP on our BF4 hack will leave nothing out. Giving you a clear picture of the entire battleground.

Player Names ESP

Look out for old adversaries or identify your best allies with our comprehensive player name ESP. Throughout the game, our ESP will clearly identify every player by name so that no one can remain shielded, letting you know exactly who you are up against.

Player Class ESP

Up to the minute details from our player class ESP will help you pick the right team for attack and make sure you know exactly what you are facing in battle. These are details you wont want to fight without.

Player Distance ESP

Understand the threat of every player on the field with our player distance ESP. Turn on this protocol and you will be aware of the range of every opponent and the opportunity for your own team. A must have for effective game play.

Supply Crate ESP

Understand where your protection lies and the total defence it can offer you and your opponents with the supply crate ESP. This BF4 cheat will help you decide when defence is the best strategy and when it is time to attack.

Explosive's ESP

Get the low down on what's on its way and where it will land with our incredible explosives ESP. This is one of the great hacks for BF4 which can keep you one step ahead of the competition and make sure you stay alive.

Player Health ESP

Only the strong will survive and our player health ESP will ensure you can see exactly who that will be. Use this information to format your attack strategy. Will you pick off the weakest or attack the heart to achieve success.

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