Battlefield 4 Anti-Cheat

Worlds Most Advanced Battlefield 4 Anti-Cheat

When using any hacks for BF4 the threat of being banned is always at the back of your mind. But when you inject our incredible untraceable aimbot into your system, you can be sure that no one is ever going to find out.

We have created the worlds most advanced battlefield 4 anti-cheat that will keep you shielded from the authorities and make sure your hack stays well out of sight.

Rather than trying to find your cheat, players are just going to be impressed by your ability. As an opponent they will fear you, and as an ally they will respect your every move.

Our aimbot will even provide clear screenshots of play so that you always have the evidence you need to stay one step ahead of any doubter. It will even provide proof to the spectator so that you don't have to worry.

With BF4 Hax's battlefield 4 cheats, you can play Battlefield 4 the way you want to without ever being discovered.

And once you've played with our world leading program, you are never going to want to be without it again. Try our introductory offer and you will understand the true value of working with the best.

PunkBuster Protection

Use lower quality battlefield 4 cheats and the risk of being banned by PunkBuster is very real. But when you use the worlds most advanced battlefield 4 hacks, you will receive PunkBuster protection, giving you the ability to always play undetected.

Advanced Injection System

We make sure that even the introduction of our BF4 hacks is completely untraceable by using our own unique advanced injection system. It is fast, it is effective and it ensures you can play at full force without ever being discovered.

Spectator Proof

The new spectator mode in Battlefield 4 has given the world and his wife the ability to snoop on your game play. But with clear screen shots and an undetectable, highly advanced, aimbot our spectator proof BF4 hacks will remain undercover.

Fairfight Protection

New for Battlefield 4, DICE have introduced another level of anti-cheat technology from Gameblocks known as FairFight. But, as usual, we are one step ahead of the rest and have incorporated FairFight protection into our system keeping our BF4 hacks out of sight.

Screenshot Proof

Only clean screenshots will allow you to stay in the game if you are accused of using hacks for BF4. And we are ready and waiting. Our screenshot proof will silence even the biggest doubters and allow you to carry on the game.

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