Battlefield 4 Aimbot

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Movement prediction, bullet drop and no recoil/no spray are among some of the many key features that make this super aimbot for Battlefield 4 the most advanced cheat mechanism on the market today.

Choose between 64 and 32 bit versions and our aimbot will transform you into the ultimate Battlefield 4 fighting weapon.

The entire program can be configured to meet your exact specifications so that beating even the hardest challenger becomes a walk in the park.

Don't waste your energy in the early stages battling it out with the underdog, use our special, undetectable features to make your way through the initial levels and find out where the true competition begins.

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Advanced Bone Aimbot

Fire every bullet with perfect precision and never miss a shot again with our fully configurable Advanced Bone Aimbot. Even the fastest moving targets won't be able to avoid the target master you will become with BF4 cheat's state of the art technology.

Penetration Checks

Achieve higher mortality rates and increase the number of opponents you can wound with each shot using the advanced penetration checks available with BF4 hacks. Play will become faster and more challenging while your success rate will go through the roof.

Instant Kill

When you don't want to mess about with your opponents, select the instant kill option on our advanced bone aimbot and even the most challenging opponents hit the dust. No more playing Mr Nice guy, select instant kill for ultimate force.

Smart Target Selection

Even the most camouflaged of targets will be easily identifiable with the smart target selection on the BF4 Hax aimbot. This incredible piece of technology will build your kill rate, improve your stats and ensure you are the last person standing.

Smooth Aiming

Keep your enemy in site and your aim true with smooth aiming technology that ensures our BF4 aimbot is always at least one step ahead. With smooth aiming comes a much smoother playing experience, keeping you focused and ready for action.


The auto-switch option will ensure you always have the right weapon in your hand. This is an indispensable hack for battlefield 4 which makes play more intense and ensures you always have the arsenal you need to make the kill.

Movement Prediction

Keep one step ahead of the competition with movement prediction technology that will keep your aim true and your rate of success supreme. This incredible piece of software anticipates where you target is moving to giving you that all important shot.

Visible Target Setting

Make sure you can identify where every target is on your battlefield with the incredibly effective visible target setting. Configure this protocol to suit your specific scenario and surprise attacks and enemy sniper fire become a thing of the past.

Bone Prioritization

Configure your aimbot in the bone prioritization setting and it will focus on the target bone that matters most to you. Whichever target you set this incredible battlefield 4 hack to, your aimbot will ensure you always get the shot.

Critical Distance Checks

Keep on range, keep on target and success is almost guaranteed with our Battlefield 4 hacks. The critical distance check will make sure you are always in the right place to take out your opponent, getting the most of every shot you make.

Auto Fire

When the fight gets too intense auto fire will make sure you take aim when the time is right. Use auto fire to optimise arsenal resources and improve accuracy. It will increase your overall kill rates and help your success become a certainty.

Auto Knife

The auto knife function makes sure you are never without your weapon when you need it the most. If your opponent is ready to battle, then you will be too, giving you the best opportunity to make the first move.

No spread

Focus every shot using the no spread option and your opponent doesn't stand a chance. This cheat for Battlefield 4 will reduce spread at hip or eye line, especially at close range, and puts every shot right on target.

No recoil / No Sway

Version 4 of Battlefield makes the chance of recoil and sway interfering with your attack greater than ever before. But our no recoil / no sway option works with or without our top performing aimbot to keep even machine guns and rifles precise.

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