Battlefield 4 Aimbot

Our best aimbot ever has more than 14 features which allow you to use bullet drop correction, movement prediction, auto-switch and more. Configure it to your own settings and raise your game!


Be the supreme assassin with the BF4 ESP which allows you to locate everyone on the map, see their status, weapons, etc. Use it how and when you want to give you the very best advantage in the game.

PB & FF Protection

Use your advantages without fear of detection with our best ever protection against Punkbuster and Fairfight. Our best ever BF4 cheat has managed to fool all the anti-cheat systems so far.

Why use our BF4 Hack?

State of the Art Technology and Protection in One

Well we don't like to boast but our BF4 Hack is the most advanced cheat for BF4 we've produced to date. Our state of the art protection for users and fully configurable features blow the competition sky high.

We've used top developers to create sophisticated cheats such as our advanced Bone Aimbot, No Spread, Auto Spot, Map Hack and more which interact with the game like no other and is fully protected from Punkbuster and Fairfight.

Battlefield 4 Cheat Features

  • Advanced Bone Aimbot
  • Instant Kill
  • Smooth Aiming
  • Prediction
  • Bone Prioritization
  • No Spread
  • No Recoil
  • No Sway
  • Auto Spot
  • Map Hack
  • Full ESP
  • 2D Radar Overlay
  • Easy In-Game Menu
  • Clean PB Screenshots
  • 40 Extra Features

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BF4 Aimbot

The Most Advanced Aimbot you'll Find

With our BF4 aimbot your kill rate will rocket as we give you precision fire technology, even on fast moving targets and a further 14+ features to help you blast your way to the next level without being detected thanks to our smart target selection.

But that's not all we can offer; the aimbot is fully configurable to you can customise it to your liking for the best experience ever!

Undetected Punkbuster & Fairfight

Take Cover under Our Protection

Fed up of being banned by Punkbuster? Want to stay under the radar of Fairfight? We have a 100% anti-detection record and to date our BF4 cheat hasn't even been detected let alone banned by Fairfight.

Our advanced cheat system lets you play the game like no other, bypassing the anti-cheats entirely with clean PB screen shots to screen your activity and an aimbot which looks like you are doing the aiming. Why would you risk going anywhere else?

Battlefield 4 ESP

Let us Show you the Whole Picture

Our best ever BF4 ESP almost gives you superhuman powers as you are able to pinpoint where every position on the map and get a detailed picture of players such as names, class, weapons, distance, health, skeleton and more, enabling you to dodge explosives and launch counter attacks.

As with our other BF4 cheat features, the ESP is fully configurable so use it exactly how you want to.

Battlefield 4 No Spread, Recoil or Sway

Save Ammo and Kill with Precision

Now you can disable Spread, Recoil and Sway to eliminate shaking and the massive recoil and spread when you shoot on the battlefield, saving you precious ammo. The No Sway feature also removes all sniper sway so you can perfectly land that long distance shot.

It will work on its own without the aimbot but used with the aimbot gives you a clear advantage so you can clear the area without even breaking into a sweat.

32/64 Bit System Compatibility

Two Versions for a Smoother Play

Unlike many of our low-spec competitors, our BF4 cheat system runs on two versions, the 32 bit and the 64 bit for other operating systems. When you load you are given the option to choose which version of the cheat you would like to inject into the game.

Perfect compatibility every time gives you a better, faster experience so you can rule the battlefield in style.

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